Karmaa Lab Partnership & Collaboration Program

Partnership with Academic Institutions for the following activities:

  1. Career development/planning program for pre-final year and final year students.
  2. Distance internship and class room (on campus) internship for all year students.
  3. Industry - Institution Interface Program: Mock interview for pre-final year and final year students.
  4. Industrial Training: Overview of manufacturing and utility industry for all Year students.
  5. Setting up of research lab for individual department on new product development in emerging technology like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Block chain.
  6. Consulting projects of Industry like carrying out study and preparation of detailed feasibility report.

Partnership with industrial houses for the following activities:

  1. Design and implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure for automation, monitoring and control as per industry needs.
  2. Development of artificial intelligence technology for Intelligent Operations and maintenance of industry assets / equipments to improve the productivity.
  3. Development of system for real time tracking and monitoring of materials/vehicle movement under supply change management, plant safety, security and quality monitoring system
  4. Plant safety ,security and quality monitoring system
  5. Process optimisation and plant data analytics for any process industry
  6. Energy efficiency improvement program thru energy accounting, energy auditing and energy loss analysis
  7. Consultancy for IT road map for existing as well as future business functions.


  1. to impart industrial exposure to the students by providing various trainings
  2. to assist reagrding the recent industrial trends in various robotic technologies
  3. to help in developing practical-oriented courses in the field of robotics